Anti Snoring Mask

Snoring is common: 1 in 3 men snore regularly and this percentage increases with age.

The overall prevalence of snoring amongst adults is 34,6%.1
Anti Snoring Mask are one of the easiest anti-snoring products available. If you think that it might be uncomfortable to sleep with a full face CPAP mask, there is another option: a CPAP mask strap. A sleep apnea chin strap helps to stop snoring by supporting the lower jaw during sleep and keeping the airways open and unrestricted, allowing air to easily pass through. This helps to prevent a dry mouth from occurring.
Anti Snoring Mask  is a cup made of fabric that supports the chin, and straps that go around the head and sides of the face. It is an alternative to those who find it difficult to sleep with a nose mask and keep their mouth closed simultaneously.
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