Foot Hammock


Most of us spend more time at our desk than in our beds sleeping. It is time we make our hours at our desk as comfortable as our hours sleeping.

Why The Foot Hammock?

Man has evolved, our experience at a desk should too.

The Foot Hammock contributes to improved posture, increasing comfort and overall health.

Whether you'd like to recline in your seat or just have some extra support, the Foot Hammock fits your needs.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Set-up & Remove: We designed The Foot Hammock to be easy to install and remove. The Hammock has a strap on each end that extends to a hook. The hook has a patented adhesive on the back that sticks to the bottom of any desk. This adhesive can hold over 100 pounds. Although the adhesive is strong, the hooks can be removed using a thin tool such as a butter knife to detach the hook off the desk.

Comfortable: The hammock is made of comfortable mesh or fleece, depending on your reward. Each hammock is made to comfortably form around the foot having strong support and an elastic give.

Adjustable: The straps to the hammock can be adjusted to any level desired. This means you can hang your feet low to the ground, take a more reclined position, or even pull the hammock completely up against your desk and out of the way.

Universal: The Foot Hammock was designed to work on every desk. The hook's patented adhesive sticks to the bottom of any desk made from any material. This hook works with long, short, and corner desks because the hooks stick to the bottom and not the sides of the desk. The Foot Hammock can also be placed on the bottom of any smooth surface, such as a table. 

Machine Washable: The Hammock is easily removed from the straps so it can be placed in the washing machine for cleaning. Barefoot usage might merit occasional washing!

Improved Posture: While you can use the Foot Hammock to recline, hanging your feet close to the ground can improve your posture at your desk and your overall health. 

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