Posture Corrector Wireless Bra




We're all familiar with the damage bad posture can cause, slowly beginning to limit movement and cause pain. A good posture keeps you looking healthyfeeling healthy and eliminates the risk of pain, lethargynerve damage and other complications as you grow old.


This bra gives you unmatched comfort, while the orthopedic technology will vastly reduce the risk of pain, lethargy, and nerve damage as you age. 

 Easy Front Closure

Easy Front Closure

Extreme comfort and easy to adjust to your body. Comfy enough for all day, every day.

Relieve shoulder stress

Forget about the annoying straps that pinch or tug!

3 levels of adjustable extra-soft cushioned straps and Ultra-flat seams for comfort and relief.


Ideal-Alignment® Support

Innovative fabric gives support and control.

Experience high resistance & durability, shape your back & eliminate annoying bra bulges.


 * Cannot accept returns or exchanges due to hygiene reasons